My Shoot with Max Hardcore!

Max, Catalina and I got REAL naughty!


A few weeks ago I did a video shoot with Max Hardcore.  I know a lot of you are really surprised to hear that, but I did it!  I've been shooting porn movies for almost 5 years now (started when I was about 20), and Max has always wanted to shoot with me.  He and I discussed shooting together on several occasions, but I was always very apprehensive about shooting with him.  I knew about his rough and raunchy style, and I wasn't sure I was ready to take what Max had in mind for me!  Over the past several years, I've received lots of email regarding Max.  Some of you like his style and really wanted me to shoot with him, and some of you made it clear you didn't want me to shoot with him.  After hundreds of email on the subject and almost 5 years of thinking about it, I decided I was ready to do a shoot with Max Hardcore.

Shooting with Max was a challenge.  It was unlike any other shoot I've ever done!  And that's one of the reasons I wanted to do it.  For 5 years now I've been the "schoolgirl", which is a lot of fun and I love it!  But I felt I wanted to try something new...and different.  And you know what?  It was a great experience!  It was exactly what I was hoping for; a shooting experience completely different than anything I had done before!  It was challenging (even difficult) but after the shoot, I left with a big smile on my face!  I really like trying new things and I had a great time doing something different. 

Max was gracious enough to share the content with me!  Thank you, Max!  These photos are EXTREMELY hardcore, and posted in my Members Area.  You can see a few sample photos below, but all the really nasty, naughty stuff is posted in my Members Area.  I must warn you, these photos are very hardcore and might be unlike anything you've seen me do before.  If you are not into seeing the kind of raunchy stuff Max Hardcore is known for (hard anal, fisting, pissing, cum-swapping, ATM, etc.) please do not look at the photos!  Also look for video clips in the Members Area, coming very soon!

There are two versions of this video. Both are extreme, but the Euro version has everything the US version does PLUS the pissing. I AM NOT SELLING THE EURO VERSION because it is not CLEAR that it is legal everywhere in the US.
You can read here why not. Max was also kind enough to allow me to release our movie (Extreme Schoolgirls #4) on my website!  So if you like the photos and want to see the movie, it is available right here at!  Members get a special 10% discount off this movie, and all other items available for purchase at my Online Store.  Extreme Schoolgirls #4 (see the boxcover photos below!) is available for the very reasonable price of $29.95.  With your Members 10% Discount, that's only $26.95!  I'm also offering a special package; Extreme Schoolgirls #4, a pair of my worn and cummed-in panties, and a personal, just-for-you polaroid photo for $50, or $45 with your Members 10% Discount.  Extreme Schoolgirls #4 (your choice, DVD or VHS) will ship on Monday, November 3rd, and I'm almost positive I'll run out of copies, so order yours today to avoid any "back order" delay! :-)

  The Boxcover...


Wow, I look so different with those high heels and all that makeup on!

Some Photos...


The photos posted in the Members Area are much larger than these sample pics.


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